Create Cash Flow Through
Commercial Real Estate


Every investment decision you make is rooted in protecting your wealth while creating a great legacy for your family.

You expect strong, predictable returns, tax benefits, and to leverage our experience in commercial real estate to your advantage.

With Village Capital Partners, resilient professionals like you gain quick and simple access to completely passive, reliable investment opportunities.

You don’t have time to browse properties and sort paperwork, which is why we help you save time and find the best opportunities.


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You have an expectation toward achieving long-term security and luxury for your family. We’re here to guide the way.

Through investing passively in multifamily real estate syndications (group investments), you’ll build ongoing passive income and generate long-term financial security and free time.

What People are Saying

Are you looking to diversify your portfolio? Does real estate pique your interest? Have you heard of investing in syndications? You might be thinking, maybe. That was me a few years ago. I wanted to create passive income streams but didn’t know exactly how to do it correctly. All I really knew about real estate was buying a home. I was struggling to find the time to learn and knew I need help. That’s all changed with the expertise, patience and guidance from Russell and Julie. A few years ago we met through a mutual friend and have developed a friendly and trusting relationship. They demystified the world of real estate syndications, giving me the confidence to invest in our first deal together. Russell and Julie are pure leaders, knowledgeable in selecting the right properties within your risk profile. They’re always transparent and look out for your best interest. Not to mention they’re both just nice and patient. If you’re seeking ways to create a passive income I recommend connecting with Russell and Julie.

Steve D

I have known Russell for over 10 years, and in that time have worked with him in residential real estate, Financing, and commercial real estate. In the last 5 years, I have also invested in a number of real estate syndications deals through 3 different groups. In this line, Russell introduced me to Julie 3 years ago, and I wish I knew about their real estate syndication earlier. Their professionalism, communication and attention to detail is by far head and shoulder above anything I have experienced in this investment type. From finding, negotiating and closing a deal, to management and also coordinating the refinance of properties, this duo is absolutely on point. I can highly recommend Russell and Julie!

Neeraj and Raj B.
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If you’re ready to leverage real estate to create passive income for your family and more free time for yourself, we’re here to help!

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